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Networking - One Entrepreneurs Experience

October 21, 2018

I didn't know how powerful networking was until a friend launched her own events company which began hosting monthly networking events. This was heavily promoted on Facebook and flooded my timeline... I had just opened my first business and knew I needed to come out hiding and meet new people....


I attended their event and kabooooom!!!! My entrepreneurial journey changed forever! That decision was a pinnacle to my success thus far, to my confidence and to the reputation I've built for myself... It helped me to develop my business ideas and it also motivated me to keep pushing in an unforgettable way.


Here are five reasons you should Network:

•To Learn From And Be Motivated By Powerful Speakers

•To Form Connections With Key Influencers In Your Industry & Target Market

•To Stay Current With Industry/Target Market Trends

•To Increase You & Your Company's Visibility 

•To Form Relationships That Will Lead To Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures and Referrals


There are many more reasons to attend Networking Events... I would like you to share some of yours...


Add A Comment with Details of Any Events Happening In Your Area...👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


Stay tuned for more on NETWORKING



Shared by:

Shameika Byfield [Managing Director]






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